Barbara S. McRae,
Certified Mediator & Paralegal

Serving Placer and other Counties
since 1990

email: divorce@surewest.net


Call me today! If I have an opening, you will  have Divorce papers ready to be filed and served on your spouse today!

Allow me, a Certified Roseville Mediator & Paralegal, to use my 25 years of paralegal experience in Mediation and Divorce to help you go through the maze of filing for your Divorce, Separation or Annulment.  The Divorce process can be a very stressful time for you.

It usually takes hours and hours for the untrained person to complete the necessary Divorce forms to file with the Family Court.  As a Paralegal, I can help you cut through this stress and guide you step by step.

Complete & submit the Divorce Intake so that you can sign your papers during your first office visit to my Roseville office!  Your Divorce can be file-stamped by the court and served on your spouse immediately!

If you are looking for Mediation, call me. If you have questions about your possible Divorce, Child Support, Custody, or previously filed Divorce that you need to complete, call me so that we can talk about it before you make the decision to file.

I am Registered (Placer County 11-001) and Bonded.

Remember,  I am not an attorney, I do not give legal advice, but I can help!  I can refer you to very experienced attorneys should your matter become a battle.

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